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                      Baotou lichen tech.Ltd.is located in Baotou,the beautiful hometown of rare earth.The company was established on 14th May 2018 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan.The company is located in the east of Shuguang Road and the south of Zhaoyuan East Road,rare earth application Industrial Park,Baotou rare earth high tech Industrial Development Zone.The project covers an area of 1.37 hectares, and the production plant covers an area of 8408 m3.The company mainly produces rare earth polishing materials such as cerium based polishing powder and cerium based polishing slurry,with an annual output of about 3800 tons.

                      Polishing powder

                      Rare earth polishing powder with particle size of 0.5um-3.0um was prepared by the processes of synthesis,calcination,crushing and classification.

                      Polishing slurry

                      High purity ultra-fine nano cerium based rare earth polishing powder is prepared by synthetic wet grinding process. By slurry the high-purity ultra-fine nano cerium based rare earth polishing powder, an appropriate amount of rare earth elements are physically synthesized according to the corresponding proportion and parameters.


                      Main characteristics of rare earth polishing powder: fine particle size, reasonable distribution, large specific surface area, strong adhesion during polishing, good suspension and not easy to settle. Wear resistant particles, fast polishing speed and easy cleaning

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